Practical Exams

Practical Exams

There will be four round during the day of Practical Exams (16th July), each will last 90 mins.

The four topics (and arrangement) are:

  1. Neurobiology and Bioinformatics*
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Animal and Plant Anatomy, Systematics and Ecology
  4. Molecular Biology and Animal Physiology

* Bioinformatics: offline version of Geneious Software 

The main aim is to assess and compare:

1) students' ability to use normal laboratory and biological techniques:
         - Measuring (volume / mass / voltage)
         - Light Microscopy 
         - Spectrophotometry
         - Gel-electrophoresis
         - Dissection
         - Identification based on a key

2) students' ability to gain, process and visualize numerical data

3) students' reasoning and problem solving skills:
         - Stating, verifying and refusing a hypothesis 
         - Inductive, deductive and correlational reasoning
         - Creativity and designing an experiment.